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Q:What is the carbon fiber?
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Carbon fiber is a very strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer which contains carbon fibers.
The polymer is most often epoxy, but other polymers, such as polyester, vinyl ester or nylon, are sometimes used.
The composite may contain other fibers such as Kevlar, aluminium, glass fibers as well as carbon fiber.
The strongest and most expensive of these additives, carbon nanotubes, are contained in some primarily polymer "baseball bats, car parts" and even "golf clubs" where economically viable.

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● 3K - 3K is the most common carbon fiber that you will find externally on a bicycle.
It provides a comfortable ride while still allowing the bike to be stiff and strong enough to handle a powerful rider in the midst of his/her best sprint.

● 12K - 12K is the largest weave and the stiffest.
This outer layer featured on the Fascenario 0.8 makes for the stiffest "feeling" ride of all three.
It is slightly heavier and much less expensive to use in production, hence the price difference in the Fascenario 0.7 and the Fascenario 0.8.

● Uni-Directional - Uni-Directional (UD) carbon is another type of carbon fiber that can be used to create a carbon bicycle.
UD carbon has fibers that run the same way rather than being woven together.


A. Product_Quality_Control
● Testing items:
--- Aprebic/Bo-Guan_test:EN+20%
--- CEN_test(14764/14766/14781)
--- DIN_plus:according to customers' requirement.

____❶ Frame:Stiffness, Fatigue test and Impact test.
____❷ Fork:Static bend test, Bend fatigue test, Impact test, Stiffness, and so forth.
____❸ Parts: Fatigue test. (handle bar, stem, seat post, saddle, and so forth.)

● Testing_Frequency_in_mass_production:
--- Frame:6 months
--- Monocoque:3 months
--- Fork(gluing):6 months
--- Parts:3 monthes

● Production_Quality_Control:
--- Preforming/painting finished: weight check
--- Curing:air check
--- Geometry:dimension, angle, assembly check
--- Painting:Cross-cutting test

B. Production_Line
● Production_A
--- Prepreg preparation
--- Preforming

--- Curing

--- Machining

● Production_B
--- Cutting preparation

--- Gluing
--- Putty and polishing

--- Machining and assembly

● Production_C
--- Preparation
--- Decaling and Painting

--- Assembly
--- Packaging