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Q:What is ACB?
A:ACB in our catalogue meats the reference of carbon frame series.

Q:What is ACU?
A:ASP means braze-welding frame series.

Q:What is ARC?
A:ARC means racing forks including monocoque and alloy forks.

Q:What is AMC?
A:AMC means mountain forks including monocoque and alloy forks.

Q:What is ACC?
A:ACC means cycle-cross forks.

Q:What is HSC?
A:HSC means monocoque handle bar stem.

Q:What is ABE?
A:ABE means bar end.

Q:What is ASP?
A:ASP means monocoque seat post.

Q:What is HBC?
A: HBC means monocoque handle bar.

Q:What is CP?
A:CP means carbon clamp.

Q:What is ABC?
A:ABC means carbon monocoque bottle cage.

Q:What is ASD?
A: ASD means carbon saddle.

Q:What is "A" and "C" of ARC?
A:"A" means APREBIC, and "C" mean blades/legs material: carbon.(no include steer)

Q:What is "L" of ARL?
A:"L" means mean blades/legs material: alloy.(no include steer)

Q:What is N?
A:N in our products reference means integrated O.D. size of crown.

Q:What is STN?
A:STN in our products reference means straight legs/blades.

Q:What is "B" of ARC-B715N?
A:"B" means 1-1/4" crown race.

Q:What is "D" of ARC-D238STN56?
A:"D" means 1-1/2" crown race.

Q:What is M8 of crown?
A:M8 means specific lightest material reference of crown.

Q:The weight in catalogue means?
A: It means the weight of raw finish treatment.

Q:Bottom bracket series we have?
XXBS010057 BB68(FT-822-03)
XXBS010067 BB68(FT-877-03)
XXBS010054 BB30(FT-833-10)
XXBS010062 ACB-057 separation parts
XXBS010066 PF30(FT-910-04)
XXBS010069 BB86-DI2(FT-925-01)